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Nutrition quiz

Nutrition is a science subject. Any science subject can be extremely, dull and boring. How can we make nutrition knowledge, interesting and funny? By introducing nutrition quiz in our nutrition study. There are many web sites devoted to the subject of nutrition quiz. There are so many types of nutrition quiz present, that choosing one nutrition quiz to suit your taste, may be problem! You can be of any age group. The 7 years old kid can have nutrition quiz to suit his knowledge. The college going young man can have nutrition quiz to suit his level of nutrition knowledge. Everybody can enjoy the fun!
Let us first review a simple text based nutrition quiz from a government site. They have given five food groups like fish, milk products, bread and cereals. The nutrition quiz is which of these food groups give the body maximum energy. Well, even though your answer is wrong, you will be provided with the correct answer. This adds to your knowledge about nutrition.
Let us consider next nutrition quiz site. The quiz has to be answered as yes or no. The first nutrition quiz question is nibbling on chocolate really healthy? The answer is yes cocoa in chocolate has anticlogging property for heart arteries. This means heart will get less clogged. Healthy for you indeed. Please note consuming lot of chocolate will create other problems due to undesirable bad food intake. The nutrition quiz helps you understand the good food balance and bad food intake.
The second question in this nutrition quiz is that cottage cheese is not particularly rich in calcium. It is a nutritional fact that generally milk products are rich in calcium In case of cottage cheese it contains only 65 milligram of calcium, while comparable quantity of milk or yogurt will contain 300 milligram of calcium
The third question in this nutrition quiz is more interesting. Snacking does not always make you fat. This one is tricky one. The nutritional fact is, it is total amount of food intake, which matters, not in how many portions you have consumed it. If you take only a small portion at one time, it is really healthy. You do not feel hungry and so chances of over eating are extremely low.
The next nutrition quiz is does canned fruits or vegetables have more nutrients than fresh one? This is again tricky. Generally canning is done when nutrients in food have reached their peak. This is the reason that caned fruits will have more nutrients as compared to fresh ones
I have reviewed simple nutrition quiz. Actually there are lots of interactive, colorful nutrition quizzes, which are just enchanting. I just wanted to stress the point that the nutrition quiz helps you to build your nutrition knowledge.


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