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Nutrition facts about alcoholism

Nutrition is a field where constant research is giving rise to new nutrition facts practically every day. The studies are carried on for years. The scientific data require to prove, nutrition facts, may take even longer time. There are sometimes conflicting reports regarding nutrition facts. This generates lot of confusion in average person’s mind. What is really beneficial to your health?
Let us consider example of alcohol. What is the nutrition facts associated with alcoholism?
There are many cardiovascular risks associated with alcoholism. This in simple terms means excess alcohol intake is injurious to your heart health. It can raise blood pressure
More alcohol means more calories, which will lead to obesity and diabetics. These are well established nutrition facts. The important word here is excess..
If you drink alcohol in moderation, it will not affect your health adversely, again one of established nutrition facts. But the problem is, being addictive in nature, once you start taking alcohol; you never know when you have crossed the limits of moderate intake. So
Your medical practitioner will tell you, better not indulge yourself in alcoholism.
The nutrition facts are always twisted or deliberately put out of context, by business lobbies.
One of the nutrition facts associated with alcohol is it can increase good cholesterol.
This is called as HDL type cholesterol. It is useful in increasing anti-clotting property.
Of all the total nutrition facts associated with alcohol, this god one is always highlighted by industry. People feel that alcohol is good for their heart. But the fact is that regular exercise can give you same result. Or for that matter a drug, niacin, can give any desired
Increase in HDL cholesterol. These nutrition facts are never highlighted. Only increase of good cholesterol by alcohol consumption is highlighted as nutrition facts by industry.
The point here is nutrition facts are not well explained. Alternative nutrition facts are not well published. The context of nutrition facts can be twisted by industry to suit their interest. There are anti oxidant properties present in alcohol. These are good for your health. But is it necessary to take alcohol, if you need antioxidants? The answer is emphatic NO. There are lots of options if you want antioxidants for you r body. Many fruits and vegetable contain this sort of antioxidant properties. This is nutrition facts.
Any good benefits that you may have because of alcohol consumption, can be obtained by other cheaper means
If pregnant women consume alcohol, the health of baby can be adversely affected.
The small children should avoid it.
If you are taking aspirin, never go for alcohol. Same applies for heart patients…
These were nutrition facts about alcoholism…


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