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Nutrition express

What is nutrition express? Of course you know that nutrition express is an online store dealing in all sorts of quality nutritional products. How was nutrition express started? The birth of nutrition express is an interesting story.
Gladys Lindbergh started her nutrition products retail store in 1949. There was good response to this store, but nobody had thought at that time that in future it will become today’s nutrition express. The store had good response. Soon customer’s wanted mail order option. In first year only the mail order division had phenomenal growth. So it was converted in to a separate company. This company became nutrition express in 1083
Presently nutrition express deals in nutritional products of more than 200 manufacturers and does the business all over the world.
Before accepting any product for distribution, it has to go through stringent quality criterions. Nutrition express is not intimidated by big names. If a product is not having what it proclaims to have, then nutrition express simply rejects it. Even though the product is manufactured by some big company, it is straight way rejected. One particular company had manufactured one product. Nutrition express thought, that all their concerns, were not properly address to. So they decided not to distribute that product. Eventually that company had to pay lot of money in fines for unsubstantiated claims.
The nutrition express has very clear policy regarding acceptance of a new product. Their brand name is well established. And they are cautious that their image is not tarnished in the market.
For the ordinary consumer, the most important advantage is discounts offered by nutrition express to the customer over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
The nutrition express is always taking advantage of different promotion schemes offered by the manufacturer. They negotiate best deal on behalf of the ordinary customer.
So you can get discounts up to 70 % on manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
One major paper had announced a prize for best health and nutrition store. The readers were asked to vote according to their preference. It was not surprising that the nutrition express got this prize. The readers of course voted overwhelmingly for this online company. The surprising thing was this company got this prize successively for nine years in row. Getting popularity in the customers is comparatively easy, But gaining the trust of the customers and maintain it for nine continuous years is not a easy job.
Why was nutrition express able to do this? One of the factors is that they have nutrition experts attached to their store. Ordinary man gets confused as there are lots of nutritional products in the market. He does not know which products suit his particular needs. The nutrition experts working for the nutrition express give this service. No doubt customers want to come to nutrition express again and again.


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