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Nutrition dynamics

In nutrition industry the nutrition dynamics,Inc is a famous company providing high quality nutrition products. Here we are going to review some of their products. The first point that differentiates the products of the nutrition dynamics,Inc compared to others is their totally high quality standard. There is a good reason behind this. This company sells their nutrition products to Europe. The quality parameter and drug rules and regulations in European Union are pretty different as compared to that of USA. This makes all the difference.
Herbal nutrition products are extremely popular in public as they do not create problem of side effects. But the difficulty in the herbs is non standardization. The nutrition dynamics,Inc provides you standardized herbal nutrition products. For this they use 1992 European law as the reference standard. The potency of the herbal product is calculated as per these standards. It is matched in amount and potency. In any herbal product the most important factor is its absorbing capacity. If the herbal product is not absorbed by the body, it will be simply thrown out as the waste product by the body. The nutrition dynamics,Inc understands this very well. The absorption capacity of the herbal products provided by the nutrition dynamics,Inc matches the European standard of absorbency
The nutrition dynamics,Inc gives you standardized herbal nutrition products. But another feature associated with herbal products is non standardization. AS plants grown in different geographic locations show different chemical composition, it is not possible to standardize it. These region wise grown herbs extracts are also available. If you want a mixture of herbal blends, they are also provided.
Ayurvda is 5000 years old Indian medical science. There are lots of herbal medicines described in this ancient science. If you combine, yoga, ayurvedic products, massage therapy, you can get a total natural fitness program. This type of health and fitness program is provided by the nutrition dynamics,Inc company. They have two different types of products in this section. One is called phytoblends. These products induce specific
Physiologic response in the body the second type of the product is called as phytonutrients. These are phytochemicals especially useful in anti cancer treatment.
The nutrition dynamics,Inc provides a host of vitamin products. There are special vitamin products for children, you can have multivitamin products .The nutrition dynamics,Inc also provides custom made vitamin product to suit your individual needs.
The nutrition dynamics,Inc provides minerals there are different products depending upon assimilation requirements. The nutrition dynamics,Inc also provides trace elements formulations. This helps to adjust bio availability of nutrients in your body.
The nutrition dynamics,Inc provides you frozen cell extract as per glandular therapy.
The nutrition dynamics,inc provides all other standard products available in the market.


February 20, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Nutrition


  1. Dear Sir,
    Based upon the content of your letter, I assume that you are referencing nutrition Dynamics, Inc…and I wish that you would refer to us as such since there are many knock-off companies that call themselves Nutrition Dynamics. If you notice we are the company that registered the name and only sell USPXXIX supplements or the homeopathic equivalance. There does not appear to be any way to really control the use of our name and every company that uses it enjoy’s the benefit of our relevant ranking on the internet. We have had a number of complaints regarding the return of their products for a variety of reasons. There really is a difference in the quality of supplements that are available to the public and we pride ourselves in have the finest in the world. I also founded Spinal Dynamics, Inc. and enjoyed the benefits of 3 U.S. patents…so Nutrition Dynamics and Herbal Dynamics was a natural choice of names…and apparently others think so as well!

    Comment by DR, MORROW | August 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. DR Morrow
    I have changed the article accordingly.
    However I do not have the time to check every single fact and am not responsible for others undermining your business.
    My article was to highlight your success.

    Comment by larry50 | August 28, 2008 | Reply

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