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Nutrition data

As a nutrition enthusiast’s the first thought in your mind is, where to get all the nutrition data? You require all types’ of nutrition data. You want to eat an apple. But do not know how many calorie a medium size apple may contain. Where to get nutrition data about the apple? It is not only related to calories, it is about other nutrients like, fats, proteins, minerals. If you are on non fat diet, you want to confirm the fat data of any food item that you are going to consume.
You want to develop a diet program. What are your physical activities? How much energy is consumed in doing one particular type of physical activity?? Again you need nutrition data associated with your physical activity. If you come to the conclusion that you want to add some more physical activities to your every day routine you’ll need some more information. Now, you will like to know how much calorie you are going to burn in that particular activity. Here again you want nutrition data associated with a particular type of activity.
Early in the morning you are having your breakfast. Can you have something which is not containing any fat? Where will you get nutrition data about non-fat food items?
Well there are countless web sites providing you nutrition data you are interested in.
Nutrition dot gov is the official site on the nutrition by the US government. This is largest nutrition data giving site. This nutrition data is authentic. So you need not be worried about fake nutrition data displayed here. Is it possible for anybody to fake the nutrition data? Well, the answer will be, it sort of depends. If some company is producing, a new food supplement, it is possible that it may choose to exaggerate the nutritional benefits. Here the nutrition data might be fake. But there are lots of social watch dog associations working in nutrition field. They will certainly not allow any fake nutrition data to remain in public domain. So the idea of fooling the public with fake nutrition data always, invariably, boomerangs. Well, let us review the government site further.
Let us say you are interested in nutrition data of apple. You type that word in provided space and click. Next movement you get about 23 options for your query. Your juice could have added sugar or otherwise. Your apple can be dried, sulfured but uncooked variety. It could be of frozen, unsweetened, heated variety. You can have apple in any condition; you will get nutrition data about it. Next page will be weight converter. You can have info for 100 grams of apple or you can convert the info to suit your nutrition data, in to the fraction. Next page will give nutrition data for your query. I had asked for the nutrition data of 100 grams of frozen, unsweetened, heated apples. I got the results.
In the table I get water, calorie, protein, minerals, and vitamins info.


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