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The advantages of using solar power

There are obvious advantages to utilizing solar power in our everyday lives. The effect on our planet especially now, with the looming crisis of climate change should give us all a reason to consider some changes in our lives. Reducing your carbon footprint on the Earth is something to feel proud of and will make you feel like a more responsible steward of our planet. If each citizen of this planet took even minor steps to introduce renewable energy into our lives, the effect would be dramatic. After the initial investment, solar energy can save you money as well.

Solar energy is renewable for as long as the sun lasts which needless to say is a very long time. This type of renewable energy will not cause wars or run out in our lifetimes or for many, many generations after us. The effect that solar energy could have on our environment makes the topic worthwhile and it is vital that an international conversation take place. We must find ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing solar panels and solar cells. If the current pace of interest continues, more manufacturers will find it more lucrative to produce solar energy materials which would, if the free market model proves to be true, lower prices. The state of California is quickly becoming the model of environmentalism that all states should emulate. Their use of solar power like the Solar One power station utilizes solar energy to produce steam which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity. The residents of California will soon find out how lucky they are to live in a forward thinking community. While the efforts may seem small now the practice California is getting with on the ground practical trials will make them the first state to try out the new technologies that come down the pipe. Another advantage of solar power is its use in countries and communities that lack electricity infrastructures or are in remote locations. Passing on the technology as we acquire it will make the world cleaner and hopefully stop developing countries from acquiring all our bad habits.

The advantages of solar energy are bigger than money or convenience. As the evidence of catastrophic climate change mounts the question of whether or not to convert to renewable energy like solar has been answered. Hopefully free enterprise will make it easier and cheaper for all of us to answer the call for change.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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