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Solar power lawn mowers

Are you tired of the roaring sound made by your lawn mower that your husband rides everyday? Does it feel like a nitrogen bomb exploding outside your home or you are living on a battlefield? Well that’s exactly what a typical lawn mower sounds like. Obviously you can not neglect your beautiful garden and using it is mandatory. But there has to be a better lawn mower which should make less noise. Normally none of them is this type of a lawn mower. Even while in your home preparing to enjoy your Sunday morning in the bed by waking up late, your neighbors lawn mower can be ear tearing. In such cases you like to go and smash his/her lawn mower with whatever is available to you. It is a very interesting fact that almost 2 out of 10 Americans have had a fight with their neighbor in the past over the noise made by his or her lawn mower. Keeping this in a mind there was always a need to develop a something better but less noise full. Obviously going back to the manual lawn movers is never an option. This is a fast moving world and we don’t have the time to waste on such things. So what to do? How can this problem be solved?

The answer is simple. With the help of a solar powered lawn mower. Solar power lawn mowers have been developed to deal with the problem of noise. They are getting more popular among the average individuals especially in America/. They do not cost a lot and saves you from many troubles. Therefore they are becoming more popular. These lawn mowers use simple mechanism to operate. They can be easily charged and there is no science involved in using them at home. They contain a motor mounted ion the top of a mower. This motor contains the batter which is run from the solar electricity. There is a lot of sodium metal used in the motor to store the heat in order to provide the electricity to the battery. It can be charged with the help of a photovoltaic sheet which can either be mounted on the top of your roof or can either be stick on a stand facing the sun. A wire is connected from the rectangular shaped photovoltaic box to the solar electric motor. It then charges the solar electric motor and there is an inverter present inside the motor which changes the direct current into alternating current in order to provide us with a working motor.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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