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Solar power information

Solar Power is an evolving science that promises to potentially answer the energy needs of a world in search of answers. While solar energy is still too expensive to answer the call yet, there are many smart people worldwide advancing the cause and the future looks bright. The call for clean, renewable energy is going to require that the responsible governments of this world collectively call for an Apollo type project. We need the whole world to throw resources at the problems involved with solar power and quickly find solutions.

We have all heard the term “money makes the world go round.” It is especially true in the case of oil. Threats of war used to be the biggest problem with oil but that is now becoming a lesser concern that global warming. If we do not find a way to fuel our world without destroying it at the same time, we face a bleak future. Solar power currently has a lot of problems, but the answers lie in this world and only wait for discovery. One of those large problems we are facing today is the high cost of silicon, the material that converts sunlight to electricity in most of the solar panels on the market today. There will be an answer to this someday. The solar power community is a bright bunch who has a vision of the future and will not easily be deterred. Even with all the challenges facing this renewable energy they are confident that it is only a matter of time before solar power becomes cheaper than fossil fuel. There are some on the opposite side of the issue that will argue that we do not yet know if there are hazards involved with collecting sunlight whose source of energy is hydrogen. Hydrogen, a highly explosive gas can produce dangerous fallout. Another concern amongst the disbelievers is the added exposure to sunlight. This seems a bit silly to me but the opposition groups must be heard if we want to address all the issues of solar power. Even in the environmental community there are a few stragglers that need to be further convinced on man made climate change so it is not surprising that not everyone is a convert on solar power.

Regardless of your view on renewable energy it cannot be argued that all avenues must be explored. There is so much information concerning solar power that it becomes a bit of a hobby once you start, albeit a valuable hobby.

February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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