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Solar power companies

You can be part of the future or a thing of the past. This should be the motto for solar power companies as they forge their way into the future of energy production. There are thousands of solar power companies that offer a variety of services and products all over the world.

Mr. Solar specializes in solar energy packages for natural gas and oil pipeline monitoring, automation systems, traffic signals and solar panels for every application. They offer a meet it or beat it price guarantee and enjoy good reviews from their customers. Big Frog Mountain offers a variety of equipment for residential, business or government projects and offers online services to formulate your equipment needs for your project. Their solar panels offer 25 year warranties and they also enjoy good word of mouth. SunWize Technologies Inc. develops, markets and manufactures solar power products and systems for every level of user. This company conveys genuine excitement about the future of renewable energy and we should all keep our eye on them. Spending some time online gives you a great idea of which company matches your needs and offers the best customer service and warranties. Join an online solar group and you get a free ticket into the forums where you can eavesdrop or join in the conversations to answer your questions. Big oil is trying to dip into the solar power industry but is obviously conflicted so relying on their information may not be the best idea. Solar Attic Inc. sells a package that uses hot attic air to heat your swimming pool. That is ingenuity! There are companies that limit their product line to residential consumer use or specific products like lighting. Outdoor solar lighting seems to be a popular way to test the waters and decide if solar power is right for you and your family. Backwood Solar is backed up by the guarantee that each employee operates and off the grid home and as such offers personal advice and personal experience. In addition, they offer free custom design services and after sale support. This is one of those solar companies that put their money where their mouth is. They live and breathe solar and want to transform the solar market into something that is accessible to all.

The best advice you can get is from people who live solar and have failures and successes to teach from. Most solar users are happy to share their experiences and excited to see you succeed.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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