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Solar power boat

The technology of solar power energy is not only restricted to the solar power cars or the street lamps only. We all know the importance of a boat or a ship. Even though not many people are familiar with boats and had traveled on them rarely. The importance of the boats and ships can still not be overlooked. Boats are not only used as a way of amusement or for leisure only instead they have more important uses. They are often involved in carrying out trade activities and other such things. Solar power energy generating systems are not only restricted to a motorcycle or a car in fact today there are solar power boats.

These boats are just like any other ordinary motor boats. The only difference is that instead of a battery which has to be charged by normal electricity and fuel, these boats run on solar powered batteries. The can accommodate 4-5 persons, depending on the size of solar power system. This works pretty simple. A number of the photovoltaic sheets and glass is placed on the top of the boat and there are silicon layers inside the rectangular boc. These have shiny surface of glass protecting them. When the sun rays and the radiation falls on the surface of the glass they are passed to the silicon and the respective protons and neutrons react with each other producing charges. These charges are then converted into a current using a wire which is attached to the motor of the boat. One thing is to remember that the current flowing through the rectangular box is a direct current and has to be changed to alternating current with the help of a regulator. These types of solar powered motor boats are not very common because of the high costs involved and their strength. They don’t have much power to support the amount of people and force that an ordinary motor boat does.

Still they are considered as useful for private boats held by the individuals. It is becoming more popular especially in the United States. More people are looking forward of buying these solar powered boats. Scientists and engineers are working more to develop such solar boats which can support more force and bear more weight of the boat. They are planning to advance them into much bigger boats. Hopefully in coming years more and better kinds of solar power boats will be developed.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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