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Solar and wind power

Wind and solar energy are exciting topics that were once discussed as part of the future. Well, the future is here. The advances in this technology are breath taking and we are only at the tip of a very important iceberg. Scientists and engineers all over the world are on the cusp of discoveries that will take these renewable fuels off the back burner and deem them competitive with fossil fuels all while being a friend to the environment.

Climate change is forcing a serious discussion about clean, and renewable energy and we should all be listening. Geopolitical considerations are an important component to the discussion as well. When in history has a war been fought over sunshine or wind? As the middle east breaks down, this conversation will only get hotter and more and more citizens of the world will force their governments to get off their addiction to oil. While oil will always serve a purpose in our societies, renewable fuel like wind and solar power is the future. The US House of Representatives has already passed a bill stating that utility companies must get 15% of their power from renewable sources by 2020. It is a good start. Chances are this will be increased by future political leaders. Other political angles are possible like new requirements for construction of new homes and buildings in the future. It is entirely likely that eventually standards will be put into place that requires new construction to include solar and wind power. Eco-friendly buildings are the future and it is vital that future start soon. With all the discussion of renewable fuels it is easy to get caught up in other alternatives like bio diesels but it is vital to remember that growing crops requires a lot of water which is likely to become harder to get than oil. Virtually all alternative fuels have environmental impact except solar and wind power. They are pretty much impossible to run out of. We destroy nothing getting them and very little natural resources like water is wasted to get them.

It is time for the citizens of this world to put this topic in front of our elected leaders every day. Climate change/global warming is not going away and we can only hope to hasten it. The internet holds vital information for those who want to explore this topic and find a way to introduce solar and wind power into their lives.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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