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How does solar power work

Solar power fascinates almost every individual no matter how young or old he is. Solar power is in fact the most cleanest and viable type of energy available to the human beings. When the solar energy was first invented it was costly and it used to be very huge regarding it system. It was only common among the government or some science affiliated industries. With the passage of time researchers started to work more on the solar energy in order to make it more cheap and a better source of consuming energy. 2 decades back it was used in californium for generating electricity for few homes but today it has a much wider use. It is widely used in the homes around United States and more people are working on improving the solar energy systems and making them available for the use of general public. It was extremely costly. Not only the system was costly that you had to acquire in order to make your home or streets illuminate with solar energy but also there were high amount of taxes put by the government on the use of solar energy.

Solar power energy is often regarded by some individuals as a very complex system which gives energy to run your electric equipment by using the sun rays only. It fascinates many children and adults. Majority of individuals are not aware of the details about how a solar power system works. Solar power system is an easy thing to build and the concept is very easy. The way it generates energy and supports your electric equipments is an interesting fact.

Solar power energy is usually generated with the help of photovoltaic tiles. These are the tiles placed on the rectangular walls which are placed in front of the sun rays. These are shinny steel looking tiles. They attract the sunlight and absorb the radiation to generate electricity. They have layers of silicon between them which is protected by the glass. As the protons from the direct sunlight falls on the surface of photovoltaic tiles it causes a reaction with the neutrons present in the silicon. They are trapped inside the glass with the help of silicon and therefore if connected with wires to a terminal electric current is generated.

This is usually the direct current and in order to use it for our household item we need to convert it into alternating current to provide electricity to our household items.

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