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Homemade solar power

There is no doubt about the fact that a solar power genration technique costs a lot dollars to be built. It is also true on the other side that these costs are only one time costs and would make you get rid of the monthly electricity bills. But the amount involved in buying these systems is immense and it can normally be not afforded by average individual. These systems are only made by very limited companies and sold at a much higher rate to the normal individuals or to the government. Solar power is attracting to almost every individual in this world. Solar power energy system is very efficient and it produces the cleanest for of energy but the only factor which has never let the solar power energy generating techniques more popular is the fact that they usually cost a lot. These techniques cost a lot of money even to the government itself. Though there are many products being made by the companies for the normal use at home but these cost a loty of dollars and are therefore not affordable by an average individual. They include many products like the garden lights, swimming pool pumps and the water fountains.

The fact that they cost a lot is not because the technology used to generate the energy, but because of the technology known to very limited people. Since only few companies in the world produce these solar powered products therefore they sell it at a very high price as they know they do not have the many competitors. What interesting about the solar power products is the fact that you can even built some at home. Without any proper education and without being an engineer you can build a solar powered product.

There are many kinds of home made products available today. You can make a one by knowing the simple mechanism. It is also true that you can make one while using the material from your dump yard. The most common home made solar product is a hot water heater. It can be built with the help of simple wooden blocks, aluminum sheets and glass. This would be working as good as an ordinary solar water heater which costs thousands of dollars to be purchased.

Therefore learn the simple techniques and don’t waste your precious dollars on something which you can make yourself. There is no criterion of the education to make these products and anyone can build them.

February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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