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Photoshop tricks

As with anything experience is best when it comes to knowing and understanding how a program work. However, Photoshop tricks can help a user. Learn how to easily and quickly get the desired professional or experienced facts they need without having to go through extensive training or spend hours in a tutorial. Photoshop tricks are usually compilations of tips that create a specific of fact or set of the facts. For example, if you want to be able to make a particular object within an image pop out from the image depth of field has to be altered. This is what creates the effect of a particular object within an image popping out or giving a close to if not exactly 3-D effect.

A trick to create this sort of effect would involve tips on extracting objects hiding or showing layers and layer management, and how to selectively blur and use blur gradation in order to create the effect of an object popping out of your image. Other Photoshop tricks may include things like giving human subjects in images the appearance of golden or tanned skin through the use of adjustment layers, warming up an image and blending modes. There are also Photoshop tricks for digital matting, which discuss tips on canvas sizing layer alignment and various actions. Having difficulty using the Photoshop marquee tool? There are tricks to using this particular selection tool. With any major piece of software, there is always more than one-way or more than two or three ways to accomplish a particular effect or outcome. Usually only one or two of these various ways is presented through official books and tutorials on the particular software.

While looking for tricks through official channels like books on Adobe Photoshop or the Adobe Photoshop website you may miss more effective ways to accomplish the effect or desired result that you are looking for. This happens primarily because it was discovered after that particular publication was released. Checking out various websites and resources on the Photoshop tricks you are interested in learning, may provide you with several different ways to accomplish the same task giving you the option of choosing which works best for you and is most effective for the work you are doing. While there is no substitute for experience, knowing tricks and shortcuts to produce the desired effect can be one-way to make up for lack of experience until that experience can be gained

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