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Peace bloggers

Peace bloggers is not some cult or some cool rock band, well maybe it is but it’s probably not famous yet. Peace bloggers refer to individuals whose goal in blogging is to be able to express and devote their time in order to spread the word of peace to everyone. An organization called Peace Blogs was launched March of 2003, to date there are more than 2000 bloggers and about 70 something countries enlisted in this organization. From the name itself, their main goal is to unite countries and fight the war in a peaceful manner. This is done by showing everyone how simple, comprehensible and compassionate individuals are when it comes to helping solve world dilemmas. There is no race, age or gender discrimination, their aim was to build a community of individuals and nations willing to come together and commune peacefully.

Bloggers who post blog entries and devote their time expressing the need for peace or the many positive attributes that is intertwined with peace and living a peaceful existence. Why is there a need to blog about peace anyway? For one thing blogging is now a very effective tool in getting the word across, getting your concept heard by someone under than yourself. People blog about peace because it is needed, it is a reminder that we don’t have that peace, peace that easily slips through our fingers. Peace bloggers serve as a reminder that we need peace, that peace is essential and that war and chaos was never meant to be a part of the world for in the beginning there was chaos and it was only God who cleared away that chaos and paved the way for peace. Men however neglect its importance, neglect that chaos is to be vanquished and that peace must be retained.

Peace bloggers write about peace, their ideas, and their hopes pertaining to peace. They talk discuss peaceful gatherings, and other similarly related activities that can be done to spread the word of peace within the community and the rest of the world. Blogging attracts a wide audience, blogging gives the blogger the freedom to post or publish anything he or she desires hence it is only ideal that peace talks be brought about through blogging. This kind of promotion is simple and is very effective regardless of your age, gender, race, religion, nationality, location etc. etc. Blogging does not discriminate,

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