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Blogger you say? A blogger is not a new specie of bug nor is it some newly discovered alien life form. To understand what a blogger is one must start from the beginning. That of which is the blog, a blog is a website wherein one posts entries of personal or public interest. Blog entries are displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs are commonly used like online journals which can be viewed publicly or privately, blogs can also display general information, tutorials, political point of views or even just a compilation of random thoughts or ideas. What is put into the blog depends on the blogger’s personal preference. There it is once again mentioned; a blogger if you still did not catch the drift is the person in charge of either the entire blog or contributes entries to a public blog community. A blogger is a noun used to call the person behind the words.

To repeat, a blogger is a term that refers to a person who writes or does some blog entry input. A blogger in ever sense is similar to writers, scribes, journalists and every other synonym there is that is related to one who writes. Blogs can have one or more bloggers depending on the blog owner or the blogging options.

However on the internet Blogger is also a common word associated to a blogging community. uses the term blogger hand in hand with their site. Blogger is a free blog community that allows newbies and old timers to blog using either a paid service or the free one. The site is pretty good in terms of blogging options. There are a lot of available widgets and editable layouts that even the free blogger can enjoy. Paid users though get the option to use any layout they wish. They also give users the freedom to manipulate their page just like any free standing website as well as allow users to purchase their own domain name.

To recap, Blogs are the sites, the online journals or publishing portals that are available for private or public use. Blogs are either free or upgradeable via payments. Blog communities and blog hosts are available to everybody. Bloggers are the people behind the posts, their humans not aliens not bugs. Blogging is a verb referring to the act of posting and publishing entries. Lastly Blogger is associated to Blogspot, a blog community and blog host.

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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