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Bloggers wanted

Everyone around us uses Blogs, the ultimate tool for documenting everyone’s day-to-day quotidian lifestyle, for just the same reason. There is no question, today, no matter who I come across he or she do talk about blogging, blogs, webblogs, bloggers. And, being an avid reader, I always wonder, what so many bloggers wanted, or want to share, with you, me and every one else.
To answer, the question, have I really tried my hand at blogging, well No! Not quite really. I do read ‘Bloggers wanted’ advertisements posted by various marketing and advertising professionals and companies. What fails to move me is the fact that why would I want to know what’s going in your life, without knowing you or caring about you; but then again we are all humans and we need to socialize right? With blogs right? Socialize or capitalize? That’s the question.
Today, Blogging has become ‘The internet Phenomenon’ and can be directly related to Social Networking websites. Blogging today, can be described as a mixture of a private diary with added commentary to stir up some enthusiasm and bring out the practical journalist in all of us. How many of us would like to tell some one we don’t know, that he or she is wearing a crappy dress, or where he or she bought shoes from, blogs give us that communicating potentiality.
Many ‘Create-your-own-blogs’ websites predict that number of bloggers is going to steeply increase, as more and more people wanting to tell their story stumble across this phenomenon. Advertising and Marketing companies put up bloggers wanted ads in news papers and other media, these companies target blogs that have a high number of hits, and either buy the entire blog off or pay such bloggers huge amount of money to sustain the readers and put up their advertisements. No wonder, bloggers are wanted by many blog hosting websites.
Apart from the day to day write ups, what lures people and appeals to them is the fact that blogging is extremely easy and can be done by anyone under the sun, anyone who can turn on a computer and start typing that is.
Most people, blog because they have a passion that they would like to share with the world. Some people blog to make money, others want to share their experience, some are seeking new job opportunities, what about you?

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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