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American bloggers

There are to date many kinds of bloggers. Celebrities, politicians, enthusiasts, hobbyists, crafters, performers and even animals have surprisingly started blogging; more surprisingly is their adept use of the English language. Nearly every person all over the world blogs, you can find blogs in French, German, Russian, Chinese, Tagalog, English needless to say you will find a blog in whatever dialect possible. blogging gives people a chance to showcase their work, to share there thoughts and ideas, to help out others by documenting step by step processes of certain tasks or projects. Often times these blogs cater to a blogging audience in need for tutorials. Some blogs showcase a person’s lifestyle or their work. Blogging is an effective tool to express yourself or achieve that 15 minutes of fame in a bigger atmosphere. The internet after all has a worldwide audience share hence blogs get a bigger piece of the audience pie.

The biggest percentage of bloggers is American bloggers, usually students and a great deal of housewives who obviously have time to spare. Americans because of their melting pot of culture have lots to blog about. The endless amounts of crafting ideas and hobbies for one can fill up dozens of blogs. The fact that the United States of America is composed of 50 states there is more than enough to be blogging about not to mention the number of Americans from every state or all the states. Blogging and blogs is a worldwide thing, the availability and blogging access is one of its main or key features. Students in America make up a great percentage of bloggers because most of them are enrolled in campuses on a different state. The idea is that they are technically foreigners of that state, their experiences and encounters with events or people they have met in that are gives them a lot to talk about. Blogs are online journals for most, it can or cannot be read by the public, it can or cannot be commented on. The simple fact is, blogs are published regardless of the plain Jane layout or the grammatical error filled entries; people will read, ridicule and sympathize.

In a search through Wikipedia, American Bloggers will produce an entry regarding the number of American bloggers on the internet. To date or at least on Wikipedia there are over 200 pages of popular American bloggers. Of course they have only documented the ones who are famous for their work or have achieved fame via blogging.


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