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Second generation iphone

Many of you will remember that before the iPhone came out and even when it was already out, there were lots of version 2iPhone rumors going around. In Taiwan during July 2007 it was published in a newspaper that they had increased the touch screen panel orders running for the second generation iPhone. It also said that they had already started the test production with Apple’s intention to sell their latest iPhone model for the ridiculous price of just $299. The only mistake made was that the author of the article neglected to publish just where this “second generation iPhone” was going to be sold.

There are always rumors going from city to city regarding the iPhone, if only we knew exactly which ones of them were true or not, but that is why they are called rumors, nobody knows the truth!

Another “rumor” states that there will be a second generation iPhone launching early in 2008. Only this one will have a 3GB capacity, not 4 or 8 like the originals that were released in July 2007. However, there is also one said to have been launched in September of 2007. so where does the truth lie in this rumor-mongering world?

Whether it is the real deal of the second generation iPhone, recent surveys suggested that one in every ten US professionals will actually get the iPhone; others say it is just too expensive and they will rather go without it then pay over $500 for it. If you are willing to pay the price for this iPhone and be a step ahead of everyone else, go ahead and get yourself one, it is definitely worth the price, but some are just not able to afford it. However, it is likely to come down in price by a few dollars as the years go by and more advanced technology emerges. So if you are that desperate for the iPhone but don’t have the cash for it now, wait a few years and you should be able to afford it then!

If you are unable to wait that long for the original iPhone, then look into a second generation iPhone. These are supposed to be at least $300 cheaper than the original iPhones so you stand a good chance there. There are many rumored to be in production from numerous countries and company’s, just keep an eye out for the launch date.

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