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Iphone problems

When there is a new technological device released to the public, it is rarely without bugs or glitches. With each new generation of the device, these bugs and glitches are often resolved, improved, and removed altogether. This is true for almost any electronic device, including the oh so popular iPhone. In general, the reviews of the iPhone have been exceedingly positive, but there are bugs and glitches to be found. There are some iPhone problems that users of the device have noticed, and Apple is aware and probably working toward resolutions currently.

There are both minor and major (depending on who you ask) iPhone problems. So, let us begin with the minor problems, which are likely to be resolved and even improved upon with the next iPhone generation. One of the most common complaints among iPhone users is that there is no Flash or Java, which means that watching many online videos can prove to be quite a feat when using the iPhone. This is cause for complaint since web browsing with the iPhone is so highly marketed.

While the iPhone comes equipped with a digital camera, it is of very low quality when compared to other camera phones currently out on the market. The iPhone digital camera features 2 megapixels while competitor’s camera phones come equipped with up to 5 megapixels. Additionally, for those extra application loving folks, there are only 25 different ring tones available on the iPhone. You also cannot use mp3 songs as your ringtones, which has disappointed many iPhone users.

One of the more pressing iPhone problems is that many people have had trouble activating the device through the AT&T Cingular network, which is the only carrier contracted to service the iPhone currently. Part of the problem may have initially been that setup is done all through iTunes, which can be bogged down easily. This problem has already resolved after the initial iPhone launch since less people are logging on at once. However, even though the phone is synched through iTunes, there is no wireless synching with a computer.

Most importantly, one of the iPhone problems most detrimental to its use is security flaws. Although the iPhone is actually more secure than other cell phones currently, it can still be hacked into, especially when your particular phone has a bug in the Safari browser. There is also the problem of data seeping out when in a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth heavy area. However, many of these iPhone problems were initially discovered during the original launch, and will likely be resolved for the next generation of iPhones.

February 12, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Iphone

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