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Fm radio for iphone

First there was the cell phone. The original cell phone looked like a brick. It was heavy and cumbersome. The aerial (yes it had an aerial) seemed futuristic. At the time it was a status symbol and it was very expensive. Most people thought a ‘portable’ phone would never last. But the phone just kept getting smaller, lighter and better.

When the iphone made its recent appearance it was an instant must have item. This is not merely a phone. The look of it is undoubtedly futuristic. The iphone is smooth and designed to be a thing of beauty. This is more than even a multi media communications asset. The iphone is an entertainment device. There seems to be no stopping the designers and manufacturers.

Even though consumers have had their breath taken away by the impressive iphone they are quick to point what they believe is missing. They know the big brands are listening to them. The manufacturers also realize they have to be one step ahead of their buyers. This is why the iphone is filled with the most advanced Web 2.0 interactivity.

Like the original cell phone a radio was a noticeable piece of technology. They were popular and carried around everywhere. The radio was and still is a means of keeping up with the latest news and music. The radio is still an ideal way to keep up with many current topics. There was a noticeable gap in the market for FM radio for iphone users.

Many consumers question why FM radio for iphone is not possible. It does not make much sense because the iphone is such a high tech item. But it has been whispered that there is no radio on mp3 players, CD or the iphone because of real technical restrains. It has been suggested that the other reason for not including a radio is to keep the iphone as compact as possible.

Consumers have been so indulged by the cleverness of designers that it is hard for them to accept there is a limit to technical capabilities. The big brands compete furiously to dazzle consumers. However, consumers have the right to be fickle. They will move from brand to brand depending on the features that are offered. There is no FM radio for iphone. The closest is an ipod accessory that broadcasts songs using FM radio to a stereo. The vast majority do not have the ability for radio.

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