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Fake iphone

Okay so there is still a bit of a buzz, a few debates and many rumors going around about the iPhone, but lets face it, it didn’t take them long to come up with a fake iPhone! You’ve got to give the creators of the fake a hand, it is really good and by a quick glance one might not even be able to tell that it is a fake. It looks similar except for a few differences on the device, and then there are also a few other things within the iPhone that would help you to determine the difference with a real one. Just a few of the differences are;

* The surface of the fake iPhone seems to be made of some kind of plastic while Apple version of the device is made from a strong glass.
* The fake has more than one button on the front of the iPhone where the real model only has one button.
* There is Chinese writing on the fake iPhone
* The fake is made with black or silver plastic and the real one has a silver metal black cover
* The location of the camera on the fake is in the middle of the phone but more towards the top and the real iPhone’s camera is smaller and on the top left
* The fake iPhone’s speakers are below the screen, sometimes found above the screen while the real one has speakers at the bottom.
* When the fake phone is switched on, there is no feature where you have to slide the phone to unlock it.
* The icons may be similar, but the menu’s are distinctively different
* The video and music player is not the same
* Real iPhones have proximity sensors while fake ones don’t
* Neither do they have accelerometer
* A fake iPhone features a battery that is removed manually
* Fake iPhones normally have a stylus
* The Apple logo is backwards

Although the fake iPhone is a pretty cool one, it is obviously, a fake. Nevertheless, if you have always wanted an iPhone but have not been able to afford one, here is your solution!

So there are differences that will allow you to easily tell if someone has bought the real expensive iPhone, or if they are merely bragging by saying so and they actually have the nearly $300 cheaper version, also known as the fake iPhone. Don’t let anyone fool you!


February 12, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Iphone

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