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Band of bloggers

War stories are often heard way after the war. When possibly the story teller has passed on even before the war ended, and his story is being simply retold. Stories can also come from loved ones who remember their war heroes who have recounted every moment to them via letters. News on the television give out current events especially in times of war, newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts are the most common outlets for tidbits and encounters. Most of the news and the stories come to the audience as second hand data.

Band of Bloggers aside from being a clever spin off, of the movie with the similar title is more importantly a documentary done by the history channel. This documentary showcases the most fascinating, in depth, first hand experiences and insights from soldiers deployed in Iraq. These blogs are the most popular ones that tell stories of war, of tactics and strategies, of keeping the faith, of homesickness. It is a compilation of thoughts from soldiers in the frontlines. And unlike your typical documentary Band of Bloggers offers a closer encounter as the soldiers themselves tell you their story. From the simplest daily routines to the most tedious tasks, Band of Bloggers is a documentary that shares with everyone the life and the daily accounts of soldiers. Stories about their comrades, their families, even their enemies, everything from good to bad.

Band of Bloggers is a fresh way of depicting and giving everyone front row seats of the best blogs filled with blow by blow accounts. With insights filled with pain, suffering even the simple beauty the soldiers are able to see in their war stricken surroundings. This documentary as expected is exquisitely and masterfully done by the History Channel. Band of Bloggers gives a direct view of the current situation in Iraq, the war, the environment even the civilians that get caught in the crossfire. This brainchild was brought about when the History Channel eventually tired of the stereotypically boring documentaries of war done years after. The History Channel has successfully compiled these blogs, bloggers and even video footages of the war while it is happening. It’s a story happening now, not before but now. It is up to date news, that will keep audiences glued to their tv sets, the stories will pull on heartstrings making everyone who watches it experience and see through the eyes of the brave soldiers who fight the war for us in the frontlines.


February 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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