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Pet health care

Pets have been known to save a lot of people’s lives. Dogs aren’t the only ones who should be considered as man’s best friend. Cats, parrots, even lizards help save human lives – saving people from fires, finding missing persons, finding bombs and drugs, even providing therapy for those with mental disorders.

It’s only fair that, in return, we provide them with tender loving care and treat them as family. What better way to show that than to give them the best pet health care.

Pet health care starts with the basics: food, shelter, grooming, exercise and things to play with.

Different pets eat different food, and it also depends on their age. Cats, for example, do not exactly live off of milk. It does not provide them of the nutrition they need and must be fed with the right cat food. More exotic pets such as snakes, lizards and insects eat live animals such as chicken, mice and cockroaches.

Pets shouldn’t just live in a cardboard box or an empty terrarium. Dogs and cats should have beds and kennels they can run to when they want to rest and sleep. Birds cages should have a livable, spacious, and sturdy cage to keep predators out and your pets in. Terrariums and aquariums for fish and lizards should imitate their natural habitat. You don’t want to bore your scaly friends with a dull plastic cage.

Grooming is essential for pets to keep them clean and make them feel better. Dogs and cats need to be groomed regularly: their fur must be kept clean and free from parasites, their nails kept trimmed and clean, their teeth brushed, and the works. Birds need to have a birdbath so they can feel refreshed on a hot day.

Pets should have a plaything they could amuse themselves with and provided with exercise accessories to keep them fit. Dogs like to run around a lot, so it helps to play fetch with them once in a while. Cats scratch at anything, including your furniture, to sharpen their claws, so provide them with a scratch post. Birds like to get around a lot, so give them toys they can climb, perch and crawl on.

Aside from the basics, pet health care should include having insurance for them. It’s a little costly, but definitely worth it in case something happens to your beloved pet!

Caring for a pet takes a lot of dedication, hard work and patience. But it certainly pays off to have a little critter to cuddle or talk to every day.


February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Health Care

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