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Obesity statistics

Obesity is ever growing and most people would be amazing and horrified at the latest obesity statistics. It has been shown that the Untied States of America has reached epidemic proportions where obesity is concerned. It has been said that at least 58 million of Americans are overweight and at least 40 million of them are obese. There is a shocking 3 million that are morbidly obese. That makes it that eight out of every ten Americans are overweight. This falls into the age range of 25 year olds.

Let’s take a closer look at the Obesity Statistics

1. Obesity in Children
* It was shown that at least 25% of all Caucasian children were overweight
* 35% of the Hispanic and African American children were over weight
* The jump of hospital costs went from $35 million to an astounding $127 in just 20 years.
2. Diseases related to Obesity
* 26% of people that are obese have high blood pressure
* 42% have been diagnosed with colon and breast cancer
* 80% of people having type 2 diabetes is related to obesity
* 70% of cardiovascular disease is due to obesity
* 30% of all gallbladder surgeries are related to people being obese
3. Main causes in Obesity
* 25% is due to people becoming completely sedentary
* 76% increase in those individuals with type 2 diabetes
* 78% of most Americans do no exercise at least the minimal amount that is recommended by physicians.

Statistics even show that childhood heart and metabolic risks have increased. These are just some statistics for America; can you imagine seeing the rise in statistics for the entire world? People need to get back to basics and talk with a professional. Money is not the problem as there are plenty of people and services that are available for people who want to loose weight.

If you suffer with obesity, talk with your doctor. Don’t become a statistic. Get on a healthy eating plan and incorporate an exercise plan to help you shed those unwanted pounds. Together you ad your doctor or weight loss professional can come up with a plan that will meet your needs and help you real your goal.

You can find out if you have an underlying condition that is contributing to your weight issues or if you just need to diet and exercise. Talk with your doctor and get the help that you need.


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