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Health care marketing

Health care marketing is one of the ways that people know what more they can do to improve their health. Progressions in medicine and health care services are made known to the public through this method.

What is marketing and what does it do for people? In the broadest sense, marketing means distinguishing what consumers want, focusing a product to those wants, and being able to sell the product according to those wants. Marketing creates awareness for the products and services. If people do not know about a product or service, the business will fall apart.

In health care marketing, people are made to be aware of all medical breakthroughs and developments that will help make their lives better. Imagine if nobody knew about the cure for tuberculosis, or a way to make blind people see again.

A person’s health is a sensitive area in one’s life and, in marketing this area, should be considered with high importance. Ethics are highly needed in health care marketing, as many people are not too open about their conditions, or lack knowledge to be able to make educated choices. Disseminating information to potential clients mean being as close to reality as you can and being easy to understand.

Marketing, especially in health care, is an aggressive area. Hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers must aggressively endorse their services or they go out of business. The clients – the audience, the people, the patients – have their rights, as they must be able to greatly rely on the endorsed claims. With good reason, of course, because lives are at stake in this business.

In marketing health care, there are principles that need to be applied in the process. First, patients come first. Health care providers must ensure that their patients get high quality treatment if they are to make profit. Health care providers should build an accountable image, that their trust be earned by patients sincerely. Nobody wants to see a medical mishap in the newspaper in the morning. Secondly, accuracy and honesty should always be practiced. Just one lie on any medical claim can prove dangerous for the patient’s well-being. In addition, avoid advocating excessive, unnecessary services to patients.

Health care marketing is a sensitive process as a lot of factors are to be considered in making it work. Though many people might see it as inconsiderate commercialism, having people know more about the medical world can save lives today, and in the future.


February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Health Care

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