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Health care advertising

Advertising is one of the most effective methods in making a product known to target audiences. It does not matter how much you advertise everyday, but the key point is to hit a target audience and make them come to you.

Health care advertising can be a very easy task if you know your demographics and know how to reach them. First, determine your budget for your advertising campaign. To make money, you must spend money as well. Are you willing to be extravagant and put up billboards, TV commercials, conventions, and the works? Or start small with traditional mass communication?

Now, list down all the services and benefits you offer for your patients and include that in your health care advertising. Do you offer private care for your patients? Do you specialize in maternal and child care? You must let your audience know what you can do for them, why they should entrust their lives to you. With this, you establish who your audience is. Your audience can either be women and children, senior citizens, teenagers or people between the ages of 1-100.

How do you go about your health care advertising? Here’s a rundown on where you can get your word out:

* Newspaper advertising. They are inexpensive and reach a wide range of audiences. You can put up “info ads”, advertisements that carry tidbits of information that can be useful for the readers.
* Magazine advertising. It costs more but a good way to build image and credibility. Plus whoever the magazine’s audience is, is your audience as well. For example, if you advertise in a home improvement magazine, then most likely your audience are women. Ask the magazine’s target audience first before putting up an ad.
* Radio advertising is one of the best ways to reach a targeted market. It’s inexpensive and has a high impact on audiences. But you must repeat your ads over the radio so people can remember who you are.
* Television advertising has a very high impact, as they are more visual and generally everyone watches TV at an average of eight hours a day. But it’s expensive as production – the actors, staff, equipment and other things – costs a lot more than print and radio advertisements.
* Yellow Pages advertising aren’t cheap, but a good choice for local and area-specific businesses.

Every business venture needs to advertise. Today, everything is advertised; from contests to condoms, pets to planes, hair to houses. Without advertising, would you know what Unilever is? Would you know what Pfizer is? It’s a growing world and reaching people gets easier everyday.


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