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Valentine day gift for boyfriend

Men have a reputation as being really difficult to buy presents for and trying to find a Valentine Day gift for a boyfriend can be a nightmare. Somehow offering a tool set, car seat covers or slippers which may be acceptable at Christmas just don’t have the romantic element required for a Valentine Day gift. As women buy 85% of Valentine Day purchases this is quite a problem. Men seem to have it easier, chocolates and flowers never fail to please a lady. Give a man a bunch of red roses and in 50% of cases he’ll ask you what you want him to do with them. Many men would rather drink a beer than eat chocolates and the idea of spending inflated prices on a pretty heart shaped box containing 20 or so chocolates for him would be considered by many as total folly!

So what to buy? Never fear Ladies, we have some excellent ideas here, trawled from the biggest net of all, WWW, tried and tested for masculine satisfaction.

Perfumes are as good for men as women. There are some excellent gift boxes to be found and everyone likes to smell good. A nice masculine after shave and cologne will not be refused however a little subterfuge may be necessary to get him to enter a Perfume shop in order to try the fragrances beforehand. Shopping is not the preferred occupation of the majority of men.

Many men, given their anathema of shopping, assume that their wife or girlfriend or, failing that, their Mum will take care of updating their wardrobe and here is the perfect opportunity. Fed up of seeing him slouch around the house in baggy jeans and that old but comfortable jumper? Trying to keep to his preferred style and colour as much as possible buy some new clothes but ones just slightly more stylish/ fashionable/better fitting/daring than those he’s used to. Our image of someone is often very different to their image of themselves and it’s pointless buying something he won’t wear.

The majority of men enjoy a drop of their favourite tipple, be it whisky or brandy. Why not buy a ten year old single malt or cognac. A glass of that after the traditional romantic dinner for two on the 14 February will probably be much appreciated. You could even buy him a bottle of whisky that was distilled the year of his birth. Although these can be very expensive they come in various sizes, even miniatures, and do make a memorable present.

Books and DVD’s or CD’s make great Valentine Day presents for boyfriends or husbands. Try to avoid the temptation of buying a really romantic film, it will probably just send him to sleep. A DVD movie mixing action with romance or even a music DVD may be preferred. Novels are generally more popular with women than men but there are some excellent books around that are great to flip through including tasteful Playboy books, beautifully illustrated books on classic cars (Ferrari, Jaguar…), or even interesting books on subjects such as golf, woodworking, motorcycles or music.

Whatever you buy think about your boyfriend or husband’s tastes and hobbies and browse around the Net. This year buy a Valentine Gift for your boyfriend or husband that he’ll really appreciate!

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