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Valentine day cartoons

Everyone has their favourite Cartoon character whether it be Charlie Brown or Snoopy, Fred Bassett or Garfield, Bart Simpson or Bugs Bunny, not forgetting Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Paddington Bear, Asterix, Tweety and Winnie the Pooh. Whatever your age or sex you are certain to have at least one character who you think is fantastic. Everyone loves cartoons and everyone reads cartoons even the rather severe looking businessman on the commuter train, the teacher you loved to hate at school, the local hooligan, your Grandad or kid sister.

During the last twenty to thirty years fluffy stuffed toys have really taken off as popular presents for Valentine’s Day. Those representing Cartoon characters even more so. Holding hearts or flowers or wearing t shirts with messages on of affection and love, big ones, small ones, all sizes and all kinds, as the big 14th approaches they seem to pop up in shops everywhere. Valentine’s Day is a growth business involving billions of dollars in sales (over 1 billion cards alone are purchased each year) and everyone seems to want to outdo themselves in terms of imaginative and amusing cards and presents.

If you’re not into fluffy toys then you can buy t shirts, sets of glasses, cartoon books, towels, tea towels, aprons, pens, agendas, posters, underwear, mugs and lots of other things all decorated with your favourite Cartoon character. The list of items available seems endless with something for everyone.

If you are tempted to buy something connected with a cartoon character for Valentine’s Day or get a card decorated with one then why not go the whole way and send an e-card or Valentine Day cartoon as well using the Internet. Look up your favourite cartoon character on the Net, go to their website and browse through. For most of the famous characters there is a great choice of wallpaper, e-cards, screensavers or daily cartoons to download or send. There are also games to play, puzzles to do online (or print), pictures to print, download or send and gifts you can buy online and send around the world. On many sites you can even look in their archives and find old classics. Annual celebrations such as Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and New Year always have their own special cartoons. Imagine their surprise when the one you love opens an email from you on the 14th February and finds a cartoon inside, it’s guaranteed to cheer them up and start their day with a smile on their face.

After all, isn’t that the idea of Valentine’s day? To show someone that you love and appreciate them and what better way than to make them smile with Valentine’s Day Cartoons. Nowadays sadly, like many other celebrations, Valentine’s Day has become maybe over commercialised, people are encouraged to spend more to show they care. Someone once said “It’s the little things that count” so send a Valentine’s Day Cartoon or e-card, it costs almost nothing yet gives a great deal of pleasure.

February 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Valentine

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