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Preschool bible lessons on valentine day

Valentine’s Day is a aide-memoire that sometimes, it is absolutely OK, to have a relax in the bath tub with a glass of rich red wine, to eat candy and last but not the east to cherish love and friendship. But, according to our bible study as taught to us at our Sunday bible classes, Valentines’ day was named after the famous Saint Valentine, who was a Christian priest and was a scientist too. In Saint Valentines’ era, many Christians practiced in absolute secrecy, their religion. There are several spins of the same story that were told to us, hence the preschool bible education is a must. Here are some of the variants of the story told to us, when we were kids.

Children all over town adored St. Valentine and these kids would send him letters in which they would express how they felt for him – This directly relates to us sending valentine day messages- i.e., cards gifts tokens etc. Based on the above, Christians are taught / preached to, that the actual and true meaning of love, friendship, understanding, hatred etc. during pre-school bible lessons. And that is the reason why, it was initially the Christians who started celebrating valentine’s day the world over. And slowly and surely, it is also being celebrated by non-Christians also. It has now become an integral part of festivities all over the world as people have begun to (only in the recent few decades) realize the vitality and the importance of expressing one’s innermost feelings and love.

In a relationship, between two adult individuals, one must learn to love the other for what one is, and not what we want them to be according to our likes and dislikes, wants and priorities. One must see them for who they are and love them for what they choose t be, yet have they any serious vices aid them realize the dire consequences of their actions. Hence by teaching children while their minds are open to change one sees the advantage of pre-school bible lessons.

Another story also tells us that valentine was working effortlessly to cure and tend to a boy who had lost his sight and when he was suddenly, caught by the roman soldiers on the pretext that he was acting as a disguised priest. Thereafter valentine is sentenced to hang. Before his execution, he states to the boy in a letter that Jesus’ undying love for him, and the letter also contains a small sweet treat for the child.

Now what is important here, is the fact that as soon as the child eats the candy, his eyesight is magically mended and the child now is able open his eyes and the see the outside world and read the letter sent by Valentine, no sooner the child reads valentine’s note, the same instant the ” disguised priest” is executed. To reciprocate our love for each other, in the similar manner as Jesus dies for his love for us, we have to love, share, trust each other and support too pays a vital part in a relationship. Without a balanced and well formed mixture of these no relationship can be complete, which is also a part of the teaching sessions at pre-school bible lessons.

Children are also taught to make cards using angels quotes to give away to their school friends on valentine day as also every child is asked to read one quote each week, this is a great way to keep the spirit of love in their hearts, and in this way they can spread the message of love, once children learn this at pre-school bible lessons they are able to in the later and more formularize years realize the vitality of these concepts.

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