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Personalized valentine day gifts

Valentine’s Day is the day for celebrating love with your special person and need not cost an arm , to show some one that they are special and that you love them.We can say that each and every person in the world should celebrate the Valentine’s Day, because love means happiness and happiness means life. One great way would be to give them a Personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

Gifts from the heart for valentine day.

1. There are many places on the internet where you can find music to download. You can create a list of your loved ones favorite music and burn it on a disc and wrap it up in a cover with your own photograph or a photograph of you and your loved one together with a personalized message and express your feeling which you have for that person. Another way would be to load all these songs on an iPod or a Portable Music Player and to engrave your name or its initials on the back of it along with the name or initials of your loved one. You can also sing a song in your own voice that your partner loves in order to make it a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. I think recording your voice would be quiet impressive and would please that some one special.

2. You can also record your message of love on video or on a CD or DVD along with some beautiful moments which you may have captured on a camera or as a video. Because some special moments that come and go need to be captured as once passed they would never come again .You have to make your loved ones happy when you send them some personalized Valentine’s Day gift .

3. Writing love poems is one of the most romantic method of delivering the message or to tell some one that you really love them. You can take the help from the old photographs which you have, because it will refreshes your memory of the fond moments you spent with your partner. Some times people may find it a bit difficult to compose a poems, but this is alright because it’s the thought that counts. When your loved one realizes that the poem was specially written by you only keeping them in mind that will win their heart right away. This could be an excellent example of a Personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

4. You can create a collage of the photographs you have with your partner this would remind them of how long you’ll have been together and also remind them of the beautiful moments you’ll have spent together along with these photographs, you cloud also scribble some sweet messages or maybe even a poem in your handwriting since this would personalize it even more and make them feel important. Photograph selection is also important because it will express the perfect feeling and the message you would wish to convey to your loved ones. Once this collage is created you can frame it beautifully and gift it to them.

5. A digital scrapbook with photos of yourself with messages in between like this you can find many attractive programs that can be used to add borders, frames, etc to your photos to enhance them.

6. Humorous captions with photos of you and your loved ones in a scrapbook can create magic on your loved ones heart.

7. A love coupon book is another way to show your love. The love coupons could offer things such as a big hug, a kiss, massage, a cup of coffee. Your partner can cash them in any time they feel like any item in book. Coupon will not look as attractive as another gift but your partner would prefer this more than anything because it would enable them to get personal attention from you as and when they want .

So we have seen there are many ways to give personalized gifts to your loved one. Your feelings are also equally important with your personalized valentine day gifts. So think before taking any decision of going for a common gift.


February 8, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Valentine


  1. What about one of those customized teddy bears? Like a Vermont Teddy Bear? I got one a few years ago and it still reminds me of my husband

    Comment by rose | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Check out they make personalized love songs, I was speechless it is the most amazing gift. The song is completely tailor made for the recipient, it is HOT!!!!!! Everything was original and one of a kind. That was the theme. Personalized gifts are always better, they come from the heart. Anyone can go to the mall and pick up a sale item or a CD, make it count. Good Luck!!!!
    Here’s the number as well: 416-828-8265

    Comment by meg701 | January 31, 2009 | Reply

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