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Valentine day party favors

14th February is most probably the important day in everyone’s life who is in love or who is being loved. St. Valentine’s Day is by far one of the most celebrated days in the year and to that one can without doubt add that it is probably the day most looked forward to the most. Valentine’s day is a day of the heart, for the heart ,and by the heart. It is a red rose giving day. It is the day to proclaim and profess one’s love, one desire. It is a day for celebrations. It is day of gifts and tiny pleasures. It is the day of real love, where the truest form of love is expressed and that too – expressed to each other. Everyone looks forward to meet their valentine. It is day of love expression and happiness. But to show your feelings you need something special-a token – and through that small, miniscule token- you can enter in heart of your valentine. What can be the best thing other then red roses and red heart shaped balloons? Choose your party favors wisely when planning your Valentine’s Day party, you never know when your Valentine might come around the bend and take you by surprise!

Here are some more ideas for your valentine party favor. There are actually many different ways through which you can spend your valentine’s day. You can add basket of chocolate with centre toping of diamond ring. A sparkling diamond will shine in the eyes of your valentine. You can gift it during a memorable candle lit dinner. You can add heart shaped candles to your list.

You can create your own valentine day party favors idea by giving heart shaped cookies or brownies as a gift. You can decorate them with a strawberry flaoured red coloured icing or cream. Small decorated cakes with red roses on them. Use small red hearts as centre toppings of cupcakes. Make circle of basil leaves around red heart. It will give very attractive look when red and fresh green colors are together on cakes or other desserts. Thus creating scrumptious edible V-day party favors.

Nowadays valentine’s day is popular amongst children as well. So isn’t it a good idea to plan party for them??!!! You can arrange party at their school with the help of faculty and other parents aid. However home is by far the best place to arrange such a party. It is great fun for them. To invite them one can use home made invitation cards. Take red color card paper. Cut out large heart shapes. Write invitations on it with glitter pen. Decorate with stickers, lace, glitters, and fresh red roses and many more things you can use to decorate card. Give this card with little cute teddy bear to them. And see how they are shining!!! It is easy to arrange party for them. And easier to arrange the V-day party favors!

Arrange games for them. Children will be happy if you can arrange some good games. A Valentine Day treasure hunt will be the best game for them. Hide all Valentine’s Day inspired items. Give them time of half an hour to search for the favors. And who ever searches maximum items – he or she will get best prize for it. It can be huge white teddy bear with shining red heart at chest. The children enjoy the excitement tied hand in hand with a theme. As Valentine’s Day is a theme centering around love and affection, compassion and passion they ought to be given a chance to make the best of it. Valentine party favors give these children a chance to remember these parties teaching them about the importance of love and compassion.

This is about our children. But how can we forget our grand parents. Valentine day is for all and it’s not specific for only boyfriends and girlfriends. Give them a chance to celebrate this special day. Or instead celebrate it with them. Give a heart shape photo frame with a touching photo inside. And just watch their reaction.


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