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Valentine day graphics

Although using similar symbols and pictures as those on classic, printed, Valentine’s Day cards, the Internet and computers opened up a whole range of possibilities to those creating Valentine Day graphics and pictures. Images of hearts, flowers – especially Red Roses, pictures of Cupid, birds, fluffy toys, animals, cartoon characters, champagne glasses and other symbols are recreated using an amazing array of graphics programmes and then reworked to create animations, cartoons or detailed images which can be sent as e-cards, printed onto hand made cards at home or added to websites. Your own images and photos can be uploaded and incorporated into these graphics creating a unique and original personalised picture or card to send to your loved one.

Many of these graphics programmes can be quite complicated with a bewildering array of strange looking tools and incredible effects, some are best left to those with the knowledge and experience necessary to produce the modern works of art that can be seen on some websites, advertising posters around the world, on TV and in magazines. Some graphics programmes however are created with the novice in mind. User friendly tools and effects allow even a total newcomer to create an attractive picture in only a short time. Many of these more basic programmes are included free of charge when purchasing a digital camera enabling the buyer to download his photographs into his computer and then, using some basic tools and effects, produce a more attractive photograph than that originally taken. Easily understood special effects can be used to create a framed photograph for example, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The professional Valentine Day graphics can be seen in their thousands on the Internet promoting various websites specialising in gifts, flowers and chocolates for that special day (amongst others). The Internet has opened up a whole new dimension to Valentine’s Day. Lovers separated by long distances before had to rely on the Postal Service delivering their cards and presents on time. Postage rates for sending items long distances also inflated the price of sending someone a Valentine’s Day present to an alarming degree. Nowadays, distance is no object. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewellery, clothing and personalised items of many kinds can be inspected, ordered and delivered through the Internet. For particularly detailed and expensive items you can even do a 360 degree turn around the object in order to see it close up from every angle before buying. Whereas before you were fairly limited in the range of items you could buy depending on what you could find in your local town, now you can browse through millions of products from hundreds of different countries around the world until you find the perfect present for that special someone.

If you want to send something simple this Valentine’s Day why don’t you consider an e-card? Simply visit one of the many Internet websites that specialise in them, choose a card design, add a Valentine Day graphic or two (or even upload your photograph), write a personal message, fill in the email addresses of yourself and the recipient, choose the date and time of delivery and click on “SEND”. In only 5 minutes you could make someone’s Valentine’s Day just a little bit more special.


February 6, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Valentine

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