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Valentine day gifts for him

Although the range of Valentine Day gifts found online can be overwhelming in terms of variety, flowers and chocolates are still the most common gifts given by all generations on the 14 February throughout the world. In some countries local traditions still continue alongside the worldwide customs. In Wales, wooden love spoons decorated with keys, hearts and keyholes are carved by hand and given as gifts. In Sweden many presents take the form of cosmetics and flowers. In Denmark Snowdrops, not Roses, are the traditional flower to give for Valentine’s Day. Possibly due to the past connections with fertility and the advent of Spring flowers still remain the most traditional presents on this day throughout the world. Different flowers can be given to convey different messages.

Red Roses with their message of love and passion are a very common choice at this time. White Roses traditionally imply virtue and chastity, Yellow Roses symbolise friendship and devotion. Anemones convey anticipation, Daffodils chivalry, Carnations pride and beauty, Snapdragon desire, Sunflower pure thoughts, Heather admiration, Freesia innocence and Tulips signify a declaration of love to name just a few. By carefully choosing the type and colour of flowers to make into a bouquet you can “say” exactly how you feel about that person. This language of flowers (Floriography) was used by the Turks, Egyptians and many other cultures to convey their feelings to one another.

Chocolates and Candies are also extremely popular Valentine Day gifts. Very appropriate gift with romantic (and fertility) overtones as chocolate contains serotonin and phenethylamine, both chemicals that act as mild sexual stimulants having an aphrodisiac effect. Often presented in red, heart shaped boxes decorated with flowers chocolates make attractive and welcome gifts. Like flowers, chocolates are popular with all ages. It must be said that the chocolate manufacturing industry and the flower industry both make a large percentage of their annual revenue at this time. Valentine’s Day is a multi-million dollar business for the two of them.

“Cute” presents have become more common especially amongst the younger generations in the last twenty or thirty years. Stuffed toys of every shape and size holding hearts can be seen in shops around the globe as Valentine’s Day approaches. Teddy Bears seem to be the most popular type of furry animal, sometimes with small boxes of chocolates or holding flowers, sometimes wearing t shirts bearing messages of love.

“Useful” or “luxury” presents such as pairs of decorated glasses or mugs, heart shaped cake dishes, luxury items of clothing, jewellery boxes, perfumes, bags, sexy lingerie, candles, massage oils, cosmetics and perfumed toiletries, jewellery, notepads, DVD’s and music CD’s, electrical gadgets, beauty aids and books are often exchanged between married partners.

Whatever Valentine Day gift you give this year on 14 February you certainly have an incredible choice of presents to choose from. Whether you choose romantic or sexy, luxurious or useful, whimsical or traditional, no doubt you will accompany it with a card which is of course still the most popular item to give on Saint Valentine’s Day.


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  1. Thanks for the gift ideas.

    Comment by tim | February 7, 2008 | Reply

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