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Valentine day dessert recipes

Valentine Day Dessert recipes often use chocolate and red fruits as dessert ingredients and decorations. The use of red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and cherries in desserts reflects the traditional association of this colour with love and passion. The presentation of desserts in the form of hearts at this time of the year symbolises the romantic side of this celebration. The use of cream, sugar and alcohol in Valentine Day Dessert recipes adds a touch of luxury.

There are thousands of recipes to be found on the Internet, easy, difficult, luxurious or simple but tasty. Why not try a few of these ideas for Valentine Day dessert recipes, mostly simple to make and oh, so tempting!

Chocolate covered strawberries – whole strawberries dipped in chocolate hazelnut cream and served with fresh thick cream.
Chocolate fondue – melt dark chocolate with a little butter, rum or brandy and water in a bowl placed in a saucepan of water over a gentle heat. Serve with chunks of fruit including strawberries, peach, banana, cherries and a bowl of crushed nuts (use dark chocolate with a high cocoa solids content).
Cranberry Heart throb – Cranberries simmered in a light syrup topped with soured cream and a caramel cinnamon crust.
Victorian Valentine Gingerbread – traditional Valentine dessert.
Strawberries Flamb‚ed in Vodka with Spicy Ice Cream – Strawberries heated in Vodka and served with Vanilla ice Cream (that has previously been mixed with a little hot pepper sauce and refrozen).
Banana and coconut duet. – peel some bananas, sprinkle with sugar, butter, lemon juice and finally coconut and bake in the oven.
Raspberry cream – chopped raspberries mixed with thick whipped cream, topped with sugar and cinnamon, decorated with grated chocolate and a whole raspberry.
Passion Layer – thick sweetened fresh cream alternating in layers with cherry puree, strawberry puree and raspberry puree topped with a pair of chocolate dipped cherries or strawberries.

There are many other imaginative Valentine’s Day recipes to be found on the Internet for Salads, Entrees and Main Courses. One of my favourite starters is Raspberry Spinach Salad made from spinach, raspberries, kiwis and nuts all tossed together with raspberry vinegar. How about Greens, Grapes and Feta Salad – salad greens, halved grapes and diced feta cheese tossed in a red wine vinegar dressing. Fondues are easy to prepare and excellent for a Romantic Dinner for Two. Savoury fondues including Fondue Bourguignonne – cubes of prime beef cooked to taste in a simmering fondue pot of oil, served with different sauces. Fondue Savoyarde is chunks of crusty bread dipped in a fondue pot containing a hot mixture of cheeses such as Emmental, Comt‚ and GruyŠre mixed with white wine and a little nutmeg. Tradition says that if someone drops their piece of meat or bread in the mixture they have to pay a forfeit! Great for adding a little spice to the evening!

Why not make an extra effort this Valentine’s Day and cook dinner for the one you love, it’s easier than you think and the effort will be much appreciated by your dinner companion!


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