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The medicare rights center

The Medicare Rights Center is one that is designed to protect and advocate for the Medicare Recipients, while congress and the legislative powers that be, make changes to the plans. Another function of the Medicare Rights Center is that they are willing and able to impart information in a clear and understandable manner to those who benefit from Medicare.

The Medicare Rights Center (MRC) was established in 1989 as the leading, and largest independent resource of health care information and support in the United States for Medicare Patients. The goal is to assist older adults and individuals with disabilities get quality, affordable health care. MRC has established a reputation of public policy work, bringing the consumer’s voice to the Medicare reform debate in Washington, DC. MRC also voices concerns and obstacles on the state level to the local authorities of those using the Medicare System. With the counseling hotline, they are able to identify and track trends in the Medicare program. As the changes come into effect from the legislation on Medicare coverage guidelines they are able to know where things are improving or not. As major issues and trends arise that affect the quality of healthcare services, they speak up for the consumer using Medicare for positive changes.

They also provide education to the people utilizing Medicare, as well as to those who provide counsel thereto, such as healthcare providers, family members, and social services employees. This education covers thoroughly the Medicare benefits and provides a clear understanding of the rights under the Medicare system. In Westchester County, NY, USA, the MRC has been providing comprehensive educational training programs and publications to volunteers and residents about a variety of Medicare Issues. The goal is that through education they will be able to raise awareness of the benefits as well as the limitations involved with the Medicare Healthcare System.
The Specified Education Goals as seen on their website are –
1) To take an active interest in their health care;
2) That the health care plan they pick affects the health care they can get;
3) That they have the right to switch doctors, switch Medicare plans and appeal denials of care;
4) To call other state health insurance assistance programs for free help.

This established community service program has provided incredible support and assistance for Medicare Eligible individuals and their families since its inception. This center will continue to prove a valuable resource to be exploited for years to come, as Medicare is always changing and with those changes comes the need to understand how they apply to the Medicare Recipient, and their families.


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