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Medicare fraud

There are so many different types of fraud, we have bank fraud, credit card fraud, social security number fraud, check fraud, we even have I.D fraud, we have all this and then some, hard to believe isn’t it? No. But can you believe that in this world today we even have Medicare fraud? Years ago it would have been hard to believe that one would actually pursue Medicare fraud.

Yes, there are those Medicare payments that have errors and are simple mistakes that are not the result of physicians, providers, or even suppliers that are trying to take advantage of the Medicare system. However, you will find some individuals in this world today that actually have intentions on abusing or defrauding the Medicare system. These individuals believe that they are able to cheat the Medicare system and get away with it. Each year individuals cheat the Medicare fraud out of millions of dollars.

Each year the premiums on Medicare are going up, do you know why? This is because they are paying for the amount of money that Medicare has loss do to those individuals that have scammed the Medicare program. The Medicare system is out and taking tough action in order to fight fraud and abuse in key areas. The main goal is to be sure that Medicare is only doing business with physicians, providers, and the suppliers that will provide individuals with Medicare by giving high quality services.

Medicare fraud is when someone purposely bills Medicare for the services that actually were never provider or received. Another form of Medicare fraud is when another individual uses someone else’s Medicare card in order to get medical care, equipment, or supplies. One more type of Medicare fraud that we are going to tell you about is when one bills Medicare for some home medical equipment that they do not have in their possession because they have returned it.

There are some things that you will need to be suspicious about such as, if the provider tells you that a test is free and he or she will only be needing your Medicare number for their records, keep in mind that for the clinical laboratory testes there will be no co-payments and the provider may actually tell you that the test is free but they will not need your Medicare number.

When it comes to Medicare fraud there is a lot of things that you need to be suspicious about, remember you should always go with the gut instinct you have and there should never be a charge for co-payments on clinical laboratory tests.


February 4, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Medicare

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