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Timberland acquisition

Have you ever wondered how some of the stars get their skills or training? Well they go to producer schools and recording schools. Timberland acquisitions were producing and rapping. Learning these skills you must have a thing for music. It’s also a gift that some people have because there are those that do not have a beat or rhythm.

Timberland has a gift that makes his music the way he wants to express his music. All music has moods and if you don’t feel that mood then there is no way you will make it in the music industry. Being a producer you must learn a lot about music and the way of the beat. Many people don’t have that ability and that’s what you must have. Timberland makes the music sound right and that’s the training he has learned. Being in the music industry you need to go to recording school helps you relate how your song should be. Timberland also is a composer, which is another skill he learned, and it helps him know about different tones and notes.

There are many types of music and the way music should go. Can’t just throw some many tunes in one song it will make the song be out of tone. So being a composer you can have the skills of what notes go where. Timberland has rapping skills too with Justin Timberlake “with sexy back”. There was many more that he has rapped. He produces with many people making him learn a lot of different sounds and ways of music. To learn everyone’s ways of music making him is a good recording producer.

Timberland is more a recording producer then rapper. Likes to make the music sound good, which is a plus and what people are looking for. Timberland is also a bass guitarist, which makes him a very talented man. Timberland had devoted his life to music, which makes him a successful man in life and he makes big money. Being a base guitar player makes you have another sound of music making it easier to relate to the music. People like when people can relate to the music and makes people like the mood of the music.

Having all these skills is a plus going into the music industry making it more then likely better on yourself. Timberland did well by getting involved with all the music training and look where he is today being successful and with a lot of talent.


February 1, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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