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Luxury gift ideas

Even if December is luxury “gifts month”, every day we may find a good reason for offering a gift. You can find out here different luxury gift ideas and situations, and each of us can use at least some of them.
* The “I love you” gift is romantic and nice and is a good opportunity to express your love. You do not need a special occasion to say to your match, mom or to your child “I love you,” you can do it in any season, any day, at any time! The right gift completes your statement. Do not think it through and pick the gift!
* The “obligation” luxury gift – each of us gets to a point where we are obliged to make a gift. It is your boss’ birthday, your parents-in-law have their golden wedding anniversary, or you participate to a Christmas event where you cannot go empty-handed or you have been told that you cannot go without a present.
* The “gratitude” luxury gift – someone impressed you to tears and you are convinced that a gift will thrill that person. It is a handy and very pleasant way to express gratefulness, beyond words.
* The “routine” luxury gift – it is not a special occasion, but with a gift each day may become a special day. Always something at hand, like jewelry, a champagne, a tie, a consideration, something that has always worked and gets you out of difficulty.
* The “making peace” gift – have you offended your child, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, or your lover? Have you been unfair, you have done something inexcusable? No problem, you fix it with a flower, a dinner invitation, or something more consistent, depending on the gravity of the situation. However, the value of the gift does not suggest the gravity of the fact, even if it seems so.
* The “surprise!” luxury gift – you like surprises as much as you like pleasantly surprising someone, without an occasion, without notification. Most of these gifts have an unexpected effect.
* The “traditional” luxury gift – you are going to a wedding, a baptism, an anniversary, a name day. Christmas, Valentine’s, and 8 March gifts embarrass you. Have you assured not to forget the anniversary date in order to stop by your nuns with a little consideration? You cannot joke about these gifts because you will raise family’s discontent and you risk being yourself cut off “the list.”
* The “revenge” gift – you want to send a burning message. No problem, take care of it with a gift. If carefully picked, on the size of the mission, most definitely the “surprised” one will get more than a surprise!
* The “fashionable” luxury gift – what kind of jewelry is in fashion this year, what is the rewarding standard for a “chief” gift? You answer these questions or similar ones and you are definitely according to fashion.
* The “intuition” gift – in a store, on the street, or just during your morning coffee it comes to you! This is the right music, flower, jewelry, or perfume for her/him. Intuition luxury gifts are the purest form of modern epiphany. Let yourself be haunted by them.
* The “break-up” gift – are you going away for a long time, far away from the country? On the other hand, you just decided to leave a relationship. No problem, a gift might say something about your way of saying goodbye. It is a very delicate situation; choose wisely in order not to send the wrong message, in total contradiction of your feelings.

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