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Luxury christmas gifts for boss

Most of the times the boss is that person who makes you sweat early in the morning or a person whom you have to respect but whom you can never love. Whatever the boss represents for you, on different occasions like Christmas you must offer a gift, which can be delightful for him or her. However, we do not know personally the boss, we do not know many things about our boss, and we sometimes find it difficult to choose the right luxury Christmas gift.
A boss is a businessperson, a man, or a woman who can afford almost everything. A boss is in general an intellectual with special tastes; therefore, they can make the difference between a high quality gift and kitsch. Consequently, what can we offer in order to be luxury, and to be appreciated by the boss?
It is obvious that you have to exclude personal gifts like perfumes, clothing items, different accessories. Besides, you must avoid funny presents, kitsch presents, and funny diplomas or imprinted T-shirts. So you cannot purchase a piece of paper where he or her can read “For the best boss” or personalized mugs or perfumed sticks.
Any luxury Christmas gift for boss can contain a bottle of wine or a high quality drink, in general, but it is not enough. A rare wine, a high quality one is more interesting than a bottle of champagne. For example, a special luxury gift can be one or two bottles of wine made in the year when your boss was born, especially if wine is one of his (most of the times) hobbies.
You can as well pay attention to different details related to your boss, for example clothes, gestures, jewels or accessories. Do not ignore him or her when you hear him/her speaking about what he/she has done during the holiday three years ago for example, because you can find out about his/her hobbies or important details when you have to offer a luxury Christmas present for boss.
There are luxury gifts for the office, like a press-paper, stands for writing instruments, cast iron objects, ceramic masks, paintings or vases, guns. When they first appeared on market they were considered special, but nowadays they lost originality and they are considered quite kitsch objects. For a special reaction, you can go to an antiquities store, where you can find nice, silver objects, which have a little story related to them. Such an object that has its own story is more valuable than a new object taken from the shop shelves.

To continue with, old books can also represent luxury Christmas gifts for a boss. They can be found in limited editions in the second hand bookshops in town. You can also purchase art albums with commentaries in the native language of the person who is receiving them because they can make that person curious. A good idea would be an album with images from different parts of the world as they can represent small valuable pieces of beauty for anybody.

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