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Genital depilation

By reading this particular article, you will be learning about genital depilation. You will find that in many different cultures, especially North American as well as Western Europe, it is known that it is very common during the twentieth century that the women are known to remove some if not all of the hair that is on their body except for the hair on their heads because of the societal values which are known to consider bodily hair as unattractive and also unfeminine and there are some that do it as a practice of good hygiene. There are many reasons for removing pubic hair however the main two reasons are known to be for aesthetic reasons or sexual reasons. There are many porn stars that are known to take part in the genital depilation. There are also some men that are known to take part in genital depilation as well but there are not that many. When it comes to genital depilation you will see that the removal of pubic hair is mainly done so that the women are able to increase the actual visual exposure of what is known as the genitalia and they are also known to do it to actually facilitate the access to the area of the genitals by actually removing the hair barrier.
There are some women in the Western cultures that are actually choosing not to take part in the removal of the hair for what is considered to be the act of defiance that is against what they actually believe to actually be an oppressive ritual. There are some men that are known to shave their heads for a fashion statement and then there are those that do it so that they are able to cover up the baldness that is a male pattern or they do it so that they are able to enhance the actual cooling of the skull. There is a way smaller amount of women that are known to actually shave their head because of the fashion statements and the political statements. You will see in the art paintings as well as the carvings that are from the ancient times that the women are mainly portrayed without any pubic hair and this is mainly because of the fact that pubic hair was known to be actually linked to the acts that were sexual as well as the desires that were sexual as well.

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