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Female depilation

By reading this article, you will be learning about female depilation and the aesthic removal as well as fashion. Despite the actual fact that the appearance of the secondary hair on the different parts of the body are known to be a sign that puberty has hit, there are some Western cultures where it is socially accepted as well as mandated that the women there have to actually remove all of the hair on their body because of the fact that hairlessness is typically considered to be feminine as well as youthful. There are many areas of the body that are considered to be typical places for female depilation to take place such as the underarms and the face not to mention the arms and also the legs. When it comes to pubic hair it is known to be either partially or even fully removed and there are even some times when there are areas that are normally depilate areas that are typically left alone which is considered to be such places as the forearm.
As you may already know, over the years, cosmetic practice has changed especially hair removal. It is known that male hair removal is known to be a less constant practice and it is basically due to the actual trends that are known to promote smooth as well as hairless aesthetic or a natural one that is hairy. When it comes to the western female depilation you will learn that it has waxed as well as waned throughout the period of history and it has also been significantly influenced by the actual evolution when it comes to clothing in the past century as well. When leg shaving and underarm shaving began to become more popular, it was accompanied by dresses that were off the shoulder and hemlines that were higher not to mention stockings that were transparent. When it comes to present times, you will see that we are currently in a time where the trend of Brazilian waxing is known to be the hit and that is a term that is used to describe the actual removal of a part of the pubic hair or either all of the pubic hair. When it comes to a slang term that is currently being used to describe having a shaven, clean, smooth pubic area is known as a smoothie. If you are interested in learning more about the topic of female depilation there is a lot of information on the internet.


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