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Depilation history

By reading this article, you will be learning about the depilation history. When it comes to a smooth body and a hairless body, you may think that it is just a fad that has came about during the most recent years but the truth of the matter is that depilation has been around for years dating all the way back to the women that were located in ancient Egypt and the Greek women not to mention the Roman women who followed the women before them in example. The reason that these women took part in depilation was so that they were able to have beauty and youth as well as innocence.
The first thing that I would like to tell you about in relationship to the depilation history is the Egyptians. When you think about the Egyptian women and depilation you will learn that the depilation gave these women a standard of beauty as well as a standard of youth and a standard of innocence. Every one of the Egyptian women was known to have a smooth and hairless body all except for their heads. It was the wife of Farao that actually set the example and it wasn’t to long afterward that the other women notice that there was not one single hair on her body and they followed in her footsteps. In order to achieve the depilation, these women took the time to use depilatory creams which was waxing that consisted of a sticky emulsion that was actually made from oil and also honey which we now call sugaring.
It wasn’t to long after the Egyptian women took part in the depilation that the Greek women also began to adopt the actual idea of smoothness. There is one piece of sure evidence of this and that is known as the Greek sculptures which have showed us that. When you look at the sculptures you will see that they are polished and shiny and there is not a single pubic hair whatsoever however the sculpture of the men has pubic hair. If you have taken the time to read Sexual Life in Ancient Greece which was written by a Dutch author known as Hans Licht you will see that the Greek women actually thought that women who had pubic hair were ugly and it was the upper class ladies especially that were known to remove it as well.


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