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Obesity help

It is said that the world over all has gained weight and more and more people are labeled on the obese side. Many people do not realize that there is plenty Obesity help out there for you to take advantage of. All you have to do is have a desire to work on the problem and dedication.

The first place to start would be to talk with trusted professional such as a weight loss consultant or even your doctor. Together you both can go over your family history and what your habits are as well as your medical issues to determine the best possible treatment plan and or diet to best suit you and your needs.

You should try to bring with you, your family medical history. This will help your doctor determine if your obesity is hereditary or not. He or she will look closely at your lifestyle to see what you’re eating habits and your exercise habits are. Keeping a food journal or daily diary of what you eat and what your activities are is highly recommended. By doing this you will get to see first hand, where your strengths and weaknesses are.

There are plenty of weight loss clinics all over so you can be sure that there is one near by you for you to take advantage of. Obesity help is just a phone call away. You can check with local gyms as well for different exercise programs and weight training programs as well as to build muscle. The more muscle you have the faster your body will burn calories.

Try to stay away from fad diets as they generally only provide temporary weight loss or they limit your intake of nutrients that your body needs to function daily to a level so low that you can cause harm to yourself. The best way to tackle loosing the weight that you want to is to follow a healthy diet and exercise program. You can learn healthier ways to cook as well as better shopping strategies to be sure you don’t stock your shelves with junk food.

Before starting any new diet or exercise program you need to consult with a trusted physician to be sure that you are doing what is right for you and your medical issues. He or she will be sure to go over your medical history and help you with your weight loss program.

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Anti obesity oolong tea

According to the Chinese culture all food is medicine. This philosophy is thousands of years old. The Chinese are extremely knowledgeable about their food. Buddhism philosophy is evident in what they eat. The Chinese use the principle of yin and yang in preparing meals. This principle is meant to bring about balance. Yin and yang represent the positive and the negative. A food is either a positive or a negative. In other words a balance of both kinds must be present in a meal. This kind of eating is anti obesity. Oolong tea is acclaimed by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Western culture has no philosophy regarding the kinds of food eaten. There is no sense of balance. There are rules to follow but they are largely ignored by millions of people. One meal can consist of only highly refined carbohydrates. Human beings must eat a variety of foods. There is only one means of achieving good health. A balanced eating plan must be adhered to. Nutrition is of the utmost importance to good health. There are also herbs and plants that stimulate and add to nutrition. Some of these natural substances are said to be anti obesity. Oolong tea has this very useful property.

To control the large population of China there is a restriction on the number of children a couple can have. Each couple may have one child. There is growing concern for these kids who are being pampered with western style diets. Many of them are overweight. The reason is they do not eat traditional Chinese food. Their diet is influenced by the western world’s unhealthy eating habits. The irony is the West is turning to the anti obesity Oolong tea as a natural fat fighting remedy. The Chinese and Japanese cultures accepted this as fact centuries ago.

The magic ingredient of the anti obese Oolong tea is polyphenol. This tea has polyphenols in large quantities. This ingredient gives the tea its unique and delicious flavor and aroma. Chinese women have drunk the tea for thousands of years to maintain their health and beauty. Polyphenols are responsible for this. However, there is a special polymerized polyphenol that is anti obesity. Oolong tea was administered to overweight mice and on a high fat and sugar diet. The special Oolong tea ingredient inhibited weight gain. This was announced at the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science.

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Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is on the rise and that is not just in the United States. Countries all over are finding that they too, have to battle overweight children. Obesity in children is characterized the same way as it is in adults. Doctors can determine the body mass index by taking into consideration a child’s body size as well as their weight. Overweight children or adolescents are considered to be an epidemic in most of the western countries such as the Australia, the United Kingdom and especially the United States of America.

Believe it or not over 15% of the children in America are considered to be obese. And sadly the number is growing for the children in American and the rates are up to 20 to 25% in Australia. It is important to get the weight of the children under control to avoid serious health issues and more severe problems as they grow into adulthood.

Childhood obesity is blamed on a number of factors. It is said that the fast paced life of the parents can be to blame as they do not have time to prepare good wholesome foods for the family any longer. Families are generally eating on the run so the fast food places have taken place of the dinner table and so the trend begins of children packing on the pounds.

There are many people that blame the parents for letting the child’s weight to get so out of control but many people do not take into consideration that there can be underlying medical causes. It is important to have your child seen by a professional if you feel he or she is at risk for becoming overweight. Do not just sit back and wait for the problem to fix it self. Many parents will sit back and just say that it is baby fat and will go away. Talk with your doctor to be sure. Don’t try to diagnose your child on your own.

Help your child learn better eating habits and teach him or her to turn off the television and video games and go outside to play. Too many children get glues to the video games that they neglect much needed outdoor times for general exercise. Get up and get moving. You will find that if your kids are playing more outdoors they will be less likely to be picking up the snacks. You can also help by filling the cupboards with healthy snacks to avoid the junk food binges.

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Obesity causes

Obesity has increased from 25 percent in the 80’s to 33 percent today. This means that more children and adults are showing up on the scale as obese. There are several causes to obesity and understanding those causes can help you deal with them and combat them for a healthier life. Some of the causes are seen as blaming the media. What you must realize is that the person who is obese either has a genetic cause or they have a resistance issue. Let me explain a little further about obesity causes and the resistance issue.

The media is blamed for the commercials causing people to go out and eat at restaurants rather than eating a home cooked meal. They are also blamed for the lack of exercise. The truth is a person who does not have obesity causes related to genetics actually has a problem resisting the media rather than it being a cause. When speaking more of the psychological causes there are other things to consider. Low self esteem, depression, and other behavior issues can cause a person to overeat even when they do not want to. In other words the psychological issues are the cause for overeating and must be addressed before dieting starts. Obesity causes are linked with improper diet and exercise. This is perhaps the largest cause of obesity today. Many of us don’t believe we have the time to make a proper meal or exercise on a daily basis. Lifestyle has been the root obesity cause in these last ten years.

For those with obesity causes that are genetic it is usually due to a preexisting condition such as hypothyroid or from their parents being obese. Most often obesity is a result of a slow metabolism when discussing the genetic causes. The slow metabolism means the person struggles with their weight no matter what they eat and were possible born obese. For genetic obesity causes treatment is often surgery for stapling the stomach, placing a lap band around the esophagus, or liposuction. This treatment can help a person to eat less and lose the weight, even with the genetic issues. For other treatment you may seek group support networks as well as a nutritionist to help you eat better. Eating better doesn’t always mean you aren’t eating healthy food, but that you are eating the wrong foods for your body. Some individuals can’t eat a lot of carbohydrates, like potatoes and fruit because it adds weight rather than helping them lose the weight. It is all about the metabolism in this case.

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