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Anti obesity oolong tea

According to the Chinese culture all food is medicine. This philosophy is thousands of years old. The Chinese are extremely knowledgeable about their food. Buddhism philosophy is evident in what they eat. The Chinese use the principle of yin and yang in preparing meals. This principle is meant to bring about balance. Yin and yang represent the positive and the negative. A food is either a positive or a negative. In other words a balance of both kinds must be present in a meal. This kind of eating is anti obesity. Oolong tea is acclaimed by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Western culture has no philosophy regarding the kinds of food eaten. There is no sense of balance. There are rules to follow but they are largely ignored by millions of people. One meal can consist of only highly refined carbohydrates. Human beings must eat a variety of foods. There is only one means of achieving good health. A balanced eating plan must be adhered to. Nutrition is of the utmost importance to good health. There are also herbs and plants that stimulate and add to nutrition. Some of these natural substances are said to be anti obesity. Oolong tea has this very useful property.

To control the large population of China there is a restriction on the number of children a couple can have. Each couple may have one child. There is growing concern for these kids who are being pampered with western style diets. Many of them are overweight. The reason is they do not eat traditional Chinese food. Their diet is influenced by the western world’s unhealthy eating habits. The irony is the West is turning to the anti obesity Oolong tea as a natural fat fighting remedy. The Chinese and Japanese cultures accepted this as fact centuries ago.

The magic ingredient of the anti obese Oolong tea is polyphenol. This tea has polyphenols in large quantities. This ingredient gives the tea its unique and delicious flavor and aroma. Chinese women have drunk the tea for thousands of years to maintain their health and beauty. Polyphenols are responsible for this. However, there is a special polymerized polyphenol that is anti obesity. Oolong tea was administered to overweight mice and on a high fat and sugar diet. The special Oolong tea ingredient inhibited weight gain. This was announced at the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science.


January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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  1. It is too bad that other regions of the world that have always had healthy ideas about eating and drinking have so willingly taken on Americans’ bad habits and bad food. We are really good at persuasion, I guess. And you’re right, there is no mystery about how to stay healthy and at a normal in balance. That’s what it’s always been about!

    Comment by herbal tea | January 31, 2008 | Reply

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