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Using solar power to decrease global warming

The issue of our time is climate change or global warming. With the increased public discussion citizens are taking it seriously and taking steps to reduce their carbon output. The topic of climate change has become louder and more prominent since the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by former Vice President Al Gore. There are interests on the other side of the issue trying to confuse people but the vast majority of scientists worldwide agree, man-made pollution is causing our earth to heat up and expect drastic changes in our world as a consequence.

What can we do to change this scary situation? The obvious answer is renewable energy. Finding ways to reduce our dependency on oil and coal will be a difficult struggle but there are people on the edge of this solution pioneering the way for all of us. Solar power is an exciting option that can work for many citizens and is advancing quickly as the call for solutions gets louder. Using solar power to decrease global warming is becoming more cost effective and the organizations available to help you get started are growing every day. Reach out online to the solar power community and get your questions answered. The sole purpose of this family of solar power users is to spread the word all around the world. Turning to solar power is not an all or nothing prospect. You can slowly introduce solar to your family and replace a portion of your energy usage while still enjoying your lifestyle. There are so many exciting scientific advances in solar power and the pace should remain as the problem of global warming is not going away. As citizens we can hope that world governments will put solar energy and other renewable fuels on project status. Increasing the profitability of solar power equipment should pique the interest of manufacturers and lead to higher demand. The more manufacturers that get on board the better for all of us interested in making the change.

While converting to solar power, you can enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself. Teaching your children now to respect the planet and how to live with renewable energies is a great favor to all future generations. Educating all citizens on the dangers of climate change will keep solar power technology in the forefront for decades to come. Be part of the change and you will enjoy lower utility bills and the feeling that you are doing something to help.


January 29, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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