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Solar power supplies

Solar has become such a hot topic that states now offer tax incentives for consumers who purchase solar equipment. With the price of oil increasing seemingly every day solar is quickly going to become the thing you can’t afford not to have. There are thousands of companies that offer solar power supplies and services.

Enough people have gone solar that there is a lot of information out there about what works and what doesn’t. Once you have gotten the opinion of solar users about the necessary equipment for your situation and needs it is time to go shopping. First investment is solar panels. Dependent on your usage requirements you can purchase one or more panels to connect together. Most solar users stay connected to their utilities and use electricity when necessary. One side note, excess solar energy will actually cause your meter to move backwards as the utility company purchases your excess energy. Mounts are required to fasten panels to your roof and you may want to consider storage batteries for energy use at night. There are companies who will not only sell you the equipment but install it as well. If you take advantage of this service, take the time to watch the installation and learn all you can. Good companies will not leave until you are comfortable using your system. If you want to start smaller and use solar while camping, hiking or biking there is systems available for you. There are small solar paneled calculators, flashlights, and outdoor lighting kits on the market that are a small investment but still environmentally friendly. If you are dedicated to going solar but cannot afford the large investment there are now companies that rent panels. They offer a locked in rate for up to 25 years and may be a good alternative for some. The promising side of solar equipment is there are no moving parts so the life of panels is up to 35 years. Very little maintenance is required so once the investment is made, it should pay off for decades.

With tax credits, long life equipment and energy savings maybe more people could actually afford to go solar. After an initial investment, solar will pay dividends for decades. Unlike most investments you are guaranteed the peace of mind that you are rising to the environmental challenge we have all been handed.


January 29, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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