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History of obesity

Obesity is characterized by stored fat reserves in the body that cause the weight of that individual to be above a certain mark. Most usually obesity is considered to be 30.0 BMI (body mass index). To be considered obese you also have to associate the over storage of fat with health conditions or increased mortality. If you have a history of obesity in your family it can be difficult for you to maintain an average weight. There are many things you can do if your family has a history of being overweight to avoid the situation yourself. If you have a history of obesity you may also find some of the below suggestions helpful.

Those who are obese tend to have trouble with their metabolism and there eating habits. In other words obesity is seen as a condition where most individuals will overeat at a meal, consistently. They may also eat several snacks during the day that are bad for your health. In some cases there are medical conditions or a lack of fast metabolism that will cause obesity. If you have a history of obesity in your family or you yourself have a history of obesity you may need to consult a doctor regarding the cause. Some times even when you diet you may not loose weight. In these cases there are usually underlying causes such as another disease like hypothyroidism that has affected the bodies function.

Keep in mind that eating a healthy diet, with plenty of protein, and other nutrients can help you loose weight if you combine it with the proper amount of exercise. For those who have a history of obesity it can be difficult to find a proper diet that does not turn the person into a bulimic or a person who no longer eats. You need to continue eating, but change your habits from grabbing cookies to eating carrots during snacks, and cutting away other unhealthy food. This doesn’t mean that those with a history of obesity have to completely cut away cake and other foods, but the majority of what you should eat should always be healthy. It will take time for a person with a history of obesity to change their eating habits, and it can take a couple of setbacks before the end result has been reached. Speaking with a nutritionist is very important for those with a history of obesity.


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