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Effects of obesity

Obesity is becoming more and more of a health issue as the rate of obesity rises. There are several reasons that obesity has become more prevalent, especially in America. There are of course many things that we can do to change the obesity rate, and part of that is understanding the effects of obesity on a person. If enough of the population understands the effects of obesity they may begin to see how detrimental it is and work harder to correct the problem.

First of all the effects of obesity can be listed as feeling overweight, tired, irritable, and having underlying health issues such as high cholesterol or heart disease as a result of the obesity. If you are overweight there are symptoms and danger that you should look out for. Obesity is considered a medical condition and there are several causes for the obesity to occur, which is why understanding the effects of obesity are very important.

Obesity has been associated with osteoarthritis in the hands, hips, back, and knees. The weight of being obese causes these joints to work improperly. In other words the arthritis is usually caused by inflammation of the joints. The inflammation occurs because the joints cannot handle the added pressure on them that the obesity is causing.

Next you can have an increased risk of breast cancer in women and men due to the effects of obesity. It seems that the breast cancer tends to form in the fatty layers formed by the excess fat in the breasts and can help the cell mutations of cancer form. There are of course unknown causes of actual breast cancer, so it is hard to say if the obesity is the cause or just making it more prevalent.

There is also a strong association with effects of obesity for esophagus cancer. It seems that perhaps the more food a person eats that is toxic to the body the more likely they are to have cancer in the esophagus as the food moves its way into the stomach. It could also be the heart burn or acid reflux that can occur form overeating which is an effect of obesity.

Heart attack is by far the most deadly concern for people with obesity. The effects of obesity on the heart are as follows: the heart is straining to pump blood through the body, the cholesterol of the individual is usually higher, and the fatty foods that are eaten tend to cause blockages in the aorta and heart valves.


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