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Effect of obesity drugs

The percentage of the population that is chronically overweight is increasing not declining. The habit of consuming unhealthy food has led to the effect of obesity. Drugs used for reducing weight must not be the first course of action. A person who is carrying large amounts of weight will be inclined to take the easy way out. Patients must be told from the start weight loss is a process. If this is understood it may prevent an adverse effect of obesity drugs.

Researchers have found taking drugs to curb obesity results in depression. In fact, it is stated, overweight patients are at double the risk of becoming depressed. The effect of obesity drugs is producing suicidal thoughts in patients. It is essential for an obese person to lose excess body fat. The sooner this can be done the better. Without the negative effect of obesity drugs the overweight person may be depressed. The carrying of a large amount of weight impacts on the quality of a person’s daily life.

Nutritionists will say the diet of an obese person is enough to cause some depression. The best route to follow is to get professional help. Obese people require medical intervention. Drugs to reduce body mass is not the only solution. The professional opinion of a medical practitioner is necessary. A patient may be at a stage where surgery is the only option. For the obese patient to undergo surgery, drugs may be needed to lose some weight prior to surgery. Such a situation is unavoidable if the person’s life is at risk.

However, the patient must be warned that only moderate weight loss is noted from the effect of obesity drugs. There are people who have gained weight while taking these drugs. It is clear, if a person is at a stage where exercise is possible, it must be carried out before it is too late. Exercise coupled with a balanced and controlled eating plan will inevitably lead to loss of weight. This is a program to be carefully monitored by one or more health professionals.

The exact course of action is a decision between the professionals and the patient. Once the patient has all information, he or she can make an informed decision. It is preferable for the patient to avoid the effect of obesity drugs if possible. However, such a person may be unable to make a decision due to a number of factors. For this reason, it is imperative to get the best professional help.


January 29, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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